Mangnaflow Performance Exhaust for 1990 Mazda Miata

Doesn’t that look dreamy? I am looking to buy a high performance (and loud exhaust) for the Miata and the Magnaflow Catback exhausts seem to receive the most accolades. There are other, more expensive systems out there for much more money, but this looks very nice. I also have my eyes on a couple of Monza and OBX racing headers and stainless steel catbacks, but thats for another post. Till then, revel in this mandrel bend, resonator tipped beaut!

Dimensions = 4x9x18″ P-SS Muffler, 4x4x14″ P-SS Resonator, 2.25″ SS Tubing, 4″ Slash/P-SS Tips, Rear Exit. All MagnaFlow Miata Systems feature fast-flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, a straight-through stainless steel MagnaFlow Performance Muffler and a polished stainless steel rear exit tip. You’ll love the smooth, deep, throaty tone, and the extra torque and horsepower will make towing a pleasure. This system has the MagnaFlow performance muffler best suited to the needs of the vehicle. Included are all the system’s hardware, gaskets, and flanges for installation.

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