Change oil in your Mazda

In keeping with my series on performing oil changes on my Mazda, I replaced and serviced the transmission, the transaxle and the engine oil over the past week. I found some very good resources online for changing my oil. It actually cost me quite a bit more than the service station since I needed a lot of the tools required to perform the changes, but I squeezed it under $200 for all three with my tools. Oh, I also replaced the spark plugs and the wires with Denso plugs and wires. They were quite expensive compared to the regular brand but I have read a lot of literature that suggests that the firing point of the Denso/NGR plugs are just right as compared to the ones from Bosch etc. Garage has a good section on changing oil in four places on your car including Trans., Gearbox, Shifter Oil Change Pics which I found really quite useful. The author had suggested to use either Redline or MTL but I could only find Valvoline 75w30 at my local car stores so thats what went into the tranny and the transaxle. There is also a nice article over at the Tech Guys page that gives you all the gory details of the torque specs and such. Make sure you buy the seals and gaskets before you open any oil drain plug. 😉 (Mine leaks at the seal because the previous owners ignored them)

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