Monthly Archives: December 2005

Street Glow 4500k headlights

This is a slight move away from the whole greencar thing, but I would like to talk about the Street Glow 4500k headlights. They are good. Simply put, they are BETTER than Sylvania Silverstars (though I have not data to judge longevity, I will soon) and they are a much better value.

 The Street Glow lights are brighter, bluer, cheaper and overall a much better purchase that the Sylvania Silverstar lights. I bought a pair for about $13 and I have been impressed with my purchase. I did have some problems with the original set since I purchase the “XS” variety (which are a different model, with different specs, brighter) and they burned the crap out of themselves. I replaced them with the 9006 that I really needed, went for a test drive and was blown away with the headlights. These are the bulbls to go with.  Overall, eBay seems to have better prices, so check there first. Please post a comment if you have any questions.