BMW plans on launching Bi-Fuel Car soon

BMW Group has plans of introducing bi-fuel (Gasoline-Hydrogen) 7 series this year. With the 170-liter liquid hydrogen tank storing about 8 kg of hydrogen, the car has a hydrogen-fueled range of 200 to 300 kilometers (125 to 185 miles). On gasoline, the car has a range up to 500 kilometers (310 miles). Now from past experience with hydrogen (e.g. The Hindenberg), BMW admits that the biggest obstacle is the safe storage of hydrogen. Hydrogen has to be stored at what -253C at high pressure. And another thing, how much does BMW 7 series cost???


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One thought on “BMW plans on launching Bi-Fuel Car soon

  1. marlane meyer

    it would be great if you could build aflex fuel vehicle in the series three model. I don’t know why I would ever buy a seven series car. And it seems like people who are more conscious about the environment buy the three series because it’s a lot less car to worry about. I am on my fourth BMW and I really love these cars but I would really appreciate your making a three series flex fuel. thanks, Marlane Meyer

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