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One of my close friends from University back in London, who now lives in Texas was checking out the site and this was his feelings:

He just reiterated that I do not drive a hybrid and also that since I have not been to any of the current motor shows, how can I be comfortable being a car/hybrid/environment critic?

This is my response, well technically I do not even own a car, both our previous gas guzzlers were owned by my wife, (1991 Jimmy and 1995 Geo Metro) my current car the Mazda 3i, well let just leave that between the financing company, my wife’s grandparents and her. So technically I do drive, but only grocery runs, cause I happen to be one of the many people searching for a job in Michigan (its literally like finding a needle in haystack). If I had a job and had a salary which would allow me to buy a car, I would definitely go for a much cleaner, fuel efficient car, such as a hybrid. Till then I see them, no touch.

Do I consider myself a critic, at the very best an amateur. I am just giving my honest opinion, I wish I had the capablility to fly to Stockholm for the Motor Show. Last time I was in Sweden (1998) my friend Akshay and I were in Gothenburg and had a lot of schanpps and marinated herings. Spent two days in Stockholm, most of it spent at the Vasa Museum rest of the trip is a blur. One reason why we use the world wide web, is to go and visit or in some instance re-visit places, so till I am financially stable all my thoughts and opinions will have to considered as an honest internet based resource. And finally, I did take environmental studies as a lab elective at Richmond, so I know what “nimby” means, do you!!

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