Lexus to get hybrid engine

Coming soon to a Lexus dealer near you, the Lexus GS 450h, which will be powered by a gas-electric hybrid engine. Toyota plans on launching it in the North American market by April. Lexus states that it gives 34 MPG and the cool features are the new safety devices. Like the fact that Toyota has developed the technology that not only uses sensors to detect cars ahead but also uses a camera on the steering wheel to judge whether the driver is facing the front. If the driver is looking away, the emergency brakes kick in faster in a potential crash situation.

Oh look what Toyota has gone and done again, another first. Wonder what the folks at the BIG 3 think about this. Driver and passenger safety is as important as fuel economy and alternative fuel research. Wish some day these features will be standard on basic models bought by us hoi polloi on both foreign and homegrown cars.

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