Toyota lines up futuristic concept cars

Ever wonder when you could go out and buy a car that looks like it just stepped out of the movie iRobot, look no futher the future is here. Toyota has about nine concepts lined up. The PM (Personal Mobility Vehicle) is just one of them. Cutting-edge vehicle-to-vehicle communications technologies are employed under the concept of “meeting, linking and hanging out together”.

Other “spacey” concepts such as the Toyota Space Touch, where the driver “touches” a holographic projection. Then there is the Giugiaro-designed carbon-fiber body which seats three people abreast and features “drive-by-wire” controls, allowing you to position the steering wheel and pedals in front of any one of them and it comes with Volta’s 408-hp Hybrid Synergy Drive® (a 3.3-liter V6 with an electric motor for each axle) not only delivers 435 miles on a 13.7-gallon tank (approx. 31 MPG), 0-60 acceleration in four seconds.

So before you get in this car you better decide who is going to drive, otherwise I can see it getting really messy. So what technology do I see actually making it to from a concept car to a mass manufactured one. The drive-by-wire technology seems promising and so does the fuel cell technology. I am going to sit on the fence when it comes to others like the holographic projection for the time being, lets see what happens.

Source: Toyota Future Concept Vehicles

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