E85 Gas Stations

The other day Krissy and I were somehow got talking about buying a second car (like that is going to happen anytime soon), she was interested in a FFV, so I told her one of the major problems would be finding a gas station near us that supplies E85. Currently, there are only six E85 gas stations either coming up or open in Michigan. The closest one for us would entail a 40 minute drive each way. Krissy did not like that, she felt that GM was doing this big ad push for “live green, go yellow” and all we have is five or six E85 gas depots in Michigan, even Ohio has more. She being a native of Michigan, she can definitely voice that sentiment very well. So a note to the Powers that Be at the Big 3, better start opening more E85 gas stations.

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6 thoughts on “E85 Gas Stations

  1. psychotap

    I have found E85 stations in WYOMING, of all places, and they’re usually no-name, cheap-gas places. One is at intersection of Snyder and Pershing Avenues in Cheyenne. We also came across E85 several places while driving across the country this spring – without looking for them. The cost of premium gas being lower than regular was a our first clue.

    My 2007 Civic Hybrid uses E85- actually likes it better than 100%-gasoline.

  2. opening an E85 station

    does anyone know of a business that will supply all of the equipment to open an E85 service station?

  3. ghosst36

    Just bough a ffv and there are no stations. So typical for america to produ products and not be able to supply the demand. Pointless if we can’t use the fuel. Duh

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