Want a Smart Car?

There is no need to hold your breathe too long because Smart cars have been around for sometime in the US, unfortunately the demand for these cars are generally associated with urban city centers. If you want one go check out Zap!

When I was in London last year, I did see a few of them on the streets, nifty little things, I bet parallel parking these things is sweet. Though smart cars have been available in Canada, I had not seen any in Montreal, that is before I left in Dec 2004. The only problem I have is that all of them look a bit to boxy, but hey you have give something up in order to get good mileage (approx. 50mpg). Daimler Chrysler is integrating it profit-making Smart Car brand into its Mercedes Benz Company. DCX already has a prototype out, Smart Crosstown hybrid. Let see what else comes out of this marriage?

Source: Hybrid Cars

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