Honda goes Hydro

Honda Canada gave us a peek at the future of motoring with real- world demonstrations in Vancouver this week of its FCX hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Apparently there are 20 FCX cars on the roads in the US and 7 in Japan. Honda is the first car manufacturer to get an approval and certification for an hydrogen car from the EPA and California Air Resources Board aka CARB. Now why are the foreign car manufactures always the first when it comes to things like innovative technology for alternative fuel vehicles. Do you see a trend or am I just getting too tied up in conspiracy theory. Well only time will tell. Moving on, to reiterate the great points for a hydrogen vehicle:

  1. Renewal resource.
  2. Hydrogen can be extracted from the atmosphere and the only byproduct is water.
  3. Hence CO2 emissions are omitted from the equation.

More research is being done by companies like Honda, so that hydrogen can be extracted from natural gases and be delivered safely to the masses. Honda will need to have a good infrastructure set up so that sufficient hydrogen refuelling points are available when fuel cell cars eventually do hit the roads, lets learn from the mistakes of others so that there are not repeated, you get my drift.

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17 thoughts on “Honda goes Hydro

  1. Jackson lim

    Nice work. its nice to see a water car hope you market it already so that we can have it and enjoy the benifite of it.

  2. dustin bell

    I like the article but I can do without the left wing agenda being push at me try being a journalist not an commentator

  3. g2 Post author

    I do not have any training as journalist, however, I never really realized that I had a left wing agenda, thank you for pointing that out. cheers

  4. cavdd25

    I’m not even a “left winger” people!!! It’s just the right thing to do…It’s long “overdue”! It has to better than paying upwards of $4.00 for a gallon of gas by summer’s end!!! (2007)

  5. g2 Post author

    Thank you, that is what I am trying to say. We need better options and apparently if you say anything about saving the enviroment or using an “alternate fuel” you become a leftist.

  6. NYCman

    I want it. Here in NY, enough things cost to much. If an affordable hydro car comes out, we will come running also to buy this. Take out our gas expenses and we can have more money to party LATE NIGHT!!! Don’t worry we will keep the DD to take care of our new HYDOBABY!

  7. jonC

    The real shame here is us, why is a company out of the USA solving our problems, this should of been done years ago. I am ready to buy, even if it is not an American car.

  8. Buddy Melton

    I would be interested in a sedan, that would maintain the speed limit on the interstate or around town and would be affordable for the average income family. Bring it on! I am tried of seeing gas prices jump up and down like a yo yo.

  9. Jeff (Orlando)

    If the Hydro car can be brought to market with a cruising range of at least 300 miles, and finding places to refuel are as easy as finding a Honda dealership (hint, hint), this car will be a smash hit. And finally, if the base price is below 30k, it will be the best selling car in America!

  10. Laurent (Canada)

    Why hydrogen cars didn’t show up before? Only because it’s too expensive to produce hydrogen. People thinking that they will save money with that kind of car are wrong. Hydrogen is really most expensive then fuel by now and it takes a lot of energy to produce it.

    Considering the polution produce while creating the hydrogen, I’m not sure that this fix the problem … we only put that problem elsewhere. If the hydrogen is created using carbon, then, I think that will polute more than using our fuel car. Think about it, … and maybe you won’t rush to buy this car. But if the hydrogen is produced by electricity made by a renewable source of electricity like water, wind or sun, we will be in business.

    Read this to understand my point:

    Maybe, one day, all our energy will be renewable …. keep hope !!!

  11. MartyKS

    Who cares who makes the car? Driving it will benefit america and we would not be sending out money to the oil producing countries. Think, people. Plus, the price of hydrogen will begin to come down as we bring more production on line at home. Supply and demand will bring it down below the cost of gas. The hidden costs of gas consumption include war, death, pollution, disease, economic problems, global warming, etc. etc. The oil age needs to come to an end.

  12. Peter Leslie

    It kind of makes a thinking person wonder how long American auto manufacturers will allow themselves to be controlled by the oil industry while we suffer the consequences. How much is it worth to them? It’s no wonder that most of todays innovative automotive technology is still coming from outside the U.S. When Honda makes it available here, I will buy one.

  13. John Doe

    This is the way I see it if we get these cars into production we stop supporting terrorist in other countries the war would stop (nothing to fight about) and President Bush would stop making so much money.

  14. Gazza

    The Hydro car is what the world needs now…..they need to make this affordable to the masses and forget profit margins….what use are profit margins without breatheable air?.

  15. Bryll Schultz

    These Hydrogen cars will only be out there to use when hydrogen can be sold at Hydrogen Service Stations, just like gasoline is. Then we will see the prce of hydrogen go up and down and up, up, and up!

    Why not market cars that process water into HHO, so that the middleman is eliminated from the equation?

  16. skyylaa

    We all need a change… if we continue driving the same direction we will have nothing at all, we need to make a difference and with this kind of automobile, it will deffinitly save us some years.

    The whole world is in this together not just America–a car is a car in some kind of perspective for most! HOnda is a leading manufacture and other companies will follow in its foot steps. Before long you can have your off road vehicle that has its American stamp on it that runs of Hydro fuel. Be happy, that someone is trying and taking part in Change!

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