Hybrids Vs SUV’s

As Americans become increasingly interested in fuel economy and global warming, they are beginning to make choices about the vehicles they drive…

Yesterday I posted a comparison between my Mazda 3 and the Honda Accord Hybrid, using the Gas mileage impact calculator on the Hybrid Cars website, the results were interesting (Honda Accord Hybrid Vs Mazda 3). A study conducted by CNW Marketing Research Inc. over the last 3 yrs had access to more resources than I to conclude that the lifetime energy consumption of a hybrid vehicle exceeds that of a comparable non-hybrid vehicle (CNW Marketing Research Inc study). But the fact is that some of us want to move away from fossil-fuels and see R&D of alternative fuel vehicles that cause little or no impact to our fragile environment. Now the people at CNW Marketing Research Inc. base they findings on a vehicles avg. mpg cost. We all know that hybrids cost more, its technology is new, buying a hybrid to save on gas money is the wrong notion. What I want to see is the decrease of vehicle emissions? Once the automakers have refined the hybrid tech. and with more people buying them, the price of these cars will come down. Coolaboration efforts are already underway between comapnies such as Toyota and Subaru. On the other hand gas price is a variable that fluctuates constantly, to base ones results just on one factor does not really hold sway for me. Yes we do have to take into account the dust-to-dust factor of the car and I do agree on this with the researchers at CNWMR. But I would like to see the actual stats on this study before going any further.
Hence I conclude that the day and age of the conventional SUV has come and gone and we need to move on, I believe that when someone goes out to buy a hybrid he/she is not doing it solely on some form of animal instinct. Todays car consumers are well informed individuals and if they do buy a hybrid his/her primary concern is environmental conservation and reduction of car emissions.

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  1. Rebecca

    Why are people listening to CNW Marketing? From what little I can find about this privately owned business, it’s owned by a married couple who have no environmental background. If you visit http://www.cnwmr.com/frequentquestions/ you will find vaguely-worded information about Art and Stephanie – and that badly out of date. (Stephanie wants to get a Harley by 2004? This is 2007, people!)

    Stop quoting people who don’t have the background. Check people out. Make sure they’re the experts. Please!

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