Next-Gen 94mpg Toyota Prius by 2008

Toyota plans on launching the Next-Gen Prius by 2008. The engineers at Toyota are redesigning the entire electrical system and also plan on moving over to lithium-ion batteries instead of the NiMH packs which are being used at the momemt.

A car that actually gives 94mpg, look out competition. Not bad for Toyota, a company that has only been in the automotive industry for what 15-16 yrs. Now the real test will be when this Next-Gen actually becomes available, and we get to see the actual mpg results. Things tend to be a bit skewed whenever a car is put to the test under optimal conditions (which is a given for any test). So people who are considering converting they currnent Toyota Hybrids into a plug-in, wait a bit, you might end up saving quite a bit of money (plug-in kits cost about $12000 more).

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3 thoughts on “Next-Gen 94mpg Toyota Prius by 2008

  1. Rick

    The features the 2008 Toyota Prius should have is keyless entree and starting, adjustable wheel and seating, 5 headrest, automatic parallel parking, sunlight roof, rearview camera, 100mpg in the U.S not 94 mpg, and the car should have more horsepower and go from 0-60 in at least 7 second not 10 and then the car would be hot!!!!!!!!

  2. g2 Post author

    I agree with you, Toyota needs to put some more oomph into the Prius, it will then appeal to more people, there is no harm in being a bit trendy. Now on the issue of automatic parallel parking boy, I wish I had that when I took my driving test. Some day….

  3. William Borlavond

    Accordingly i took it to a mechanic and like you said all the spark plugs were black so i changed all of them and again there was no engine oil so i changed that one too but i think the car still throws smoke while starting. is there something else to do beside that??? the smoke looks whitish. The gas mileage seems preety good. Thanks Followup To
    I just bought a 1999 toyota camry solara 3.0 V6 and had no problems for a few weeks then suddenly while starting the engine it started emitting a lot of smoke. and after a few minutes it stops. i took it to a mechanic and he said i needed to change the engine oil which i had done few weeks ago and he said the smoke was black and i needed to put superunleaded fuel. i again changed the engine oil, the one he recomended and put on the super grade fuel but the problem exists. what should i do??
    Answer –
    Hmmm.. your the second person in two weeks to tell me about a V6 smoke issue. Well, what color smoke is it? Black, white, or blue-ish? Do you keep up with basic maintence? (eg. 3K oil change with oil filter, etc)

    Also, pull out your spark plugs to see what color they are. I hope it’s not the case but there are a couple of seals in the engine that tend to go with age, abuse, or neglect of the engine, so what ends up happening is that the engine starts to burn some oil because the seals have lost their ability to keep the oil out of the cylinders. If this is the case, the plug tips will be black. Write me back with what color you have for the smoke and I’ll send you a spark plug color chart to help you see what your engine is doing.

    Hope this helps

    P.S. Does the car idle normally? How’s your gas milage?

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