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Chrysler plans on selling FFV models of the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Commander in 2007. Both models will come with E85 engines. However, with an EPA estimate of 17 mpg combined on both these vehicle, I do not see them being of any good use, I know that some people will say its better to have the FFV option but would it not be better to have this option on smaller chrysler vehicles.

Source: GreenCarCongress

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2 thoughts on “Chrysler E85 Options

  1. Patrick Spreng

    Look at it this way. With E85, only 15% of the fuel used comes from non-renewable sources (crude oil). So that 17 mpg works out to the equivalent of 133 mpg of petroleum. E85 also reduces emmissions, helps keep your engine cleaner and will eventually allow us to break the economic stranglehold of OPEC and other oil producers. By the end of this year, Brazil will be completely fuel self-sufficient by using sugar-cane to produce E85. If they can do it, why can’t we?

  2. g2 Post author

    You have a point there, having the FFV option for larger vehicle is the better than not having one at all. But I think it would be better to concentrate on production of compact FFV which protect the environment and give better gas mileage. That way we do not end up spending all our earnings at the gas pump.

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