X1: Formula 1 type EV

The X1 looks every bit the Formula 1 car you would find at any Grand Prix venue. The main differences, its has seats for two passengers, runs solely on lithium-ions battery cells, range 100 miles and takes 4.5 hours to recharge and it only cost $100,000. Ian Wright, a 50-year-old entrepreneur from New Zealand, thinks his electric car, the X1, can soon be made into a small-production roadster that car fanatics and weekend warriors will happily take home for about $100,000 – a quarter ton of batteries included. He has even launched a startup, called Wrightspeed, to custom-make and sell the car.

Ferrari,Porsche, Bugatti look out for the competition, the future is here. Albeit the common race car enthusiast will never be able to own one of these, atleast the weekend warriors with these toys can now contribute to saving our fragile environment and help control CO2 emissions.

Source: www.cnn.com

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