Toyota Yaris: Will it go Hybrid

The question all possible hybrid car buyers who are looking for a hybrid cheaper than the current ones on the market (Prius, Honda, Ford, etc) which cost 24k and above, is when will Toyota produce a hybrid Yaris. Honda already plans on producing the Fit as a hybrid. The Yaris is a subcompact car and if hybrid technology is intergrated into this vehicle, the Yaris hybrid would come as a blessing to city drivers. At about 17k ($3000 more approx. for the hybrid model) more people will be able to afford a hybrid. With gas prices hovering around $2.77-3.00 a gallon and with no signs of coming down this could very well change the mindset of the average American car owner. I know people are resistant to any form of change but for goodness sake if it comes down to paying your bills and buying groceries versus filling up your gas tank every other day just to get to work, would you not rather own a car that uses less gas and is environmentally friendly. I mean do we really need to have huge gas guzzling vehicles just to get our fat behinds to the store.I was in the parking lot of a “grocery store” yesterday and the only spot I found was between two huge pickup trucks. I mean do we really need to have huge gas guzzling vehicles just to get our fat behinds to the store. The other reason is that you cannot see anything when you are backing out of the parking space. The only consolation was that in front of us was a Ford Escape Hybrid. Yes, the down side is that subcompacts are small, but then at the end of the day you do not end up giving ALL your hard earned salary to fat rich oil executives who get $400 million retirement packages.


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4 thoughts on “Toyota Yaris: Will it go Hybrid

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  2. Garcia

    I am considering a small car to commute within the city. I am using my Nissan 4×4 2.7 TDI to go to the office. 50 miles a day. I refuel once a week and spend a lot of money on petrol. I am looking forward to buy a second car (smaller) like a GM Opel corsa hybrid (around 4 litres/100 km) o a Yaris Hybrid (if it existed). Is the world changing?? Are we considering green-cars more than ever?

  3. Maurice

    let’s face it, the price of oil is only getting higher every year, and according to some sources we already reach our peak with oil and it is time to be more efficient with our energy use”.
    A lovely small car like the Yaris going hybrid I will buy two not one! It will be little more expensive than the convential type, but hey won’t you pay a little to make sure that your kids and grand-kids have some planet left to enjoy??!!

  4. Joe Clark

    I’ve had a Yaris since they first arrived on American shores. I enjoy the car, but i also realize that it’s not AS EFFICIENT as it could be. Toyota sold the USA what most Americans would accept (at a cheap price). I can’t even imagine how much better my highway gas mileage would be with a 6 speed transmission, or atleast a longer 5th gear. I won’t even bother to mention how Toyota deemed it unnecessary to release a Yaris CE 5 speed manual WITHOUT THE OPTION OF POWER WINDOWS, POWER LOCKS, or Remote Entry. This is the only reason I won’t be buying another (unless Toyota changes some important things). The 1NZFE motor in the yaris and the 1NZFE Hybrid in the Prius should (as far as I’ve researched) be swappable. I have considered doing the swap myself and installing the new technology in battery cells and capacitors (lol…like Doc and Marty)…but it saddens me that Toyota doesn’t get on the ball and build me the car I want to buy. It’s not even like we’re asking for new technology..just put a darn 1nZFE hybrid into a Yaris…if not, that Fit hybrid should be out soon..

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