Cow Dung Power: Talk about a renewable resource

Now this a new concept coming all the way from India. A little background on cow dung aka cow pies, its the manure gotten from the cow which is shaped as pie, three stripes (finger imprints lengthwise, note: not the same as adidas) on the top of them. These are then layed out to dry and bake in the Indian summer. If you are ever traveling around rural India you will find cow pies slapped on walls along the road and sidewalks. This is the poor man’s fuel. People in rural areas in India have been using dried cow dung as a fuel for ages. Its generally used in clay ovens as a cooking medium. Now cow manure gives offf methane which can be used to power pretty much anything. There is a car that runs on cow pies. It’s fast, the fuel is cheap and the vehicle smells nothing like the dairy that produces the gas in its tank.

The Viking 32 is one such methane driven concept car being entered at the Tour de Sol at the Saratoga Automobile Museum Auto Show in Saratoga Spa State Park. “Fledge”, a one person hybrid designed and developed by seven Delhi College of Engineering students, which gives 60 miles on a single charge is another entrant at the show from India.

Cow pie or methane powered vehicles will definitely work in countries such as India, because due to the rapid economic growth of the country, India’s fuel resources cannot keep up witht the demand. Currently only the affluent in India can own a car, and they make up a very small demographic. For even these people to own a hybrid vehicle such as the Prius (USD24,000 converts to over Indian Rupees 1million). So I wish those students from India and all the other entrants all the best in the contest and hopefully someday we will see greener cars in Indian cities. Hint: Combine the cheap hybrid with a methane powered engine.
Source: Racing for a better way to power cars

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