BMW, DaimlerChrysler & GM to unveil two-mode hybrid

Last week BMW, DaimlerChrysler & GM unveiled plans of their two-mode hybrid system at a conference in Vienna. This consortium aka Global Hybrid Corp. plans on introducing this hybrid system in its SUV’s and trucks, starting with the 2008 Chevy Tahoe. Hopefully these guys plan on introducing this new two-mode hybrid system in sedans and compact cars, ohh I forgot GM has to sell its huge trucks and SUV’s. How silly of me to think like that!!

So what is this two-mode hybrid system?

While the two-mode system takes a new approach to hybrid drive technology, there are some similarities. Like all hybrids, the two-mode combines the power of a gasoline engine with that of electric motors; it captures energy from braking that would otherwise be lost; and it shuts off the engine at a stop. Like most of today’s hybrids, batteries alone can power the vehicle at low speeds. But the new technology is different in some crucial respects. It has the potential to operate much more efficiently at highway speeds, with a greater boost from the electric motors. The components are lighter and more compact and can be readily adapted to different types of vehicles. It is particularly well suited to large trucks and SUVs — the biggest gas hogs in Americans’ garages — where it will have the greatest impact on overall fuel consumption.


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