Car that runs on water

A UK company set up by Russian scientists called OM Energy claim to be on the brink of inventing a car that would use a combination of hydrogen (extracted from water) and gasoline to create a “Super-Fuel”, thus dispensing with the need to be wholly dependent on gasoline. The breakthrough is the electro hydrogen generator which extracts hydrogen from water by spinning it at high speed. The hydrogen is then mixed with the petrol supply to create an environmentally friendly ‘super fuel’ which ‘stretches’ the unleaded fuel, enabling the car to go further on less. The generator is spun using the engine’s recycled exhaust gases.

I know this concept will probably take 10-15 yrs before it actually goes into production, but hey this may be the solution to the danger associated with having to store large amounts of hydrogen. Cleaner cars, that run on hydrogen and ultra low levels of gas usage, fascinating.

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