GM’s Saturn VUE Green Line Hybrid

Look what we have here, a hybrid SUV from GM. Saturn’s VUE Greenline Hybrid, costing around 23k, with an EPA estimate of 27/32 city/hwy mpg, I say the only good thing about this SUV is the fact that it only cost 23k. My Mazda3 (which is not a hybrid) gives me the same mileage and it cost even cheaper. In addition there are other cars out there such as the Toyota RAV4 which give about 24/30 mpg. GM needs to start seeing the bigger picture when it comes to hybrids especially hybrid SUV’s. Here is a hint, “Smaller hybrids give better mileage”, I know this a new concept, but its time to stop living large. Now if the guys at GM really wanted to show other automakers like Toyota who is the boss, these guys should have made this SUV a true hybrid by making it run on E85 too. Next time folks!!!

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