Loremo 157 MPG update

Loremo AG says that it will start production of the 157 mpg diesel engine car in 2009. These guys already have a prototype, now on show in Kuala Lumpur. By the looks of it Malaysia may be one of the first places to actually see this car on its roads when it does roll out. Malaysia’s Kosmo Motor Company has taken a 26% stake in Loremo AG, the developers of the Loremo LS, a 1.5 l/100km (157 mpg US) diesel passenger car.

Issue with this car, well it weighs in at just about a 1000 lbs, hence interior space may be a an issue for the average American. The two-cylinder model may have some problems when it comes to accelerating, especially when one is merging on to a highway 0-60 mph (120 kmph) in about 20 seconds, in my opinion this questions the safety factor concerning highway driving. So will we see this car ever, I think Asia will this first, then Europe, North America I think not. But again I may be wrong and by 2009 we may have no other choice but to go on to a strict low carb diet just to get our fat behinds into such a nifty car.




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