Honda Civic GX runs on Compressed Natural Gas

This Fall in the State of the Governator, California residents will be able to buy the Honda Civic GX which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). Recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle on Earth, the Civic GX is perfect for getting around town and running everyday errands. In fact, the California Air Resources Board gave the GX an AT-PZEV emissions rating, which means it’s still the “Cleanest on Earth.” On a full tank of CNG, the Civic GX can travel upto to 200 miles (28/39 city/hwy mpg). You can tank up at home overnight using the Phill system which can be set up to the gas line at your house (the same gas line used for gas stoves and gas operated heating units). Downside it may take 12 hours to fill up. At gas stations that vend highly pressurized CNG, it will take minutes to fill up the 8 gallon tank In my opinion at 24k this car is everything one needs to save money, its clean and affordable both at the pump and in the long run.


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