Our Mazda3 update

Krissy & I have driven 5501 miles on our Mazda3 over the last 6 months and it was time to get its oil changed, wheels rotated, inspection etc. Just what Gary told us it would give fuel wise when we first met him. He is one of the three people who made it possible for us to buy it (the other two prefer to remain anonymous). We fill up at the pump once every two weeks. Thanks to the guys at the SESI Mercury Lincoln Mazda dealership in Ypsilanti everything was done within a hour and it cost us about $31.00. While waiting to get this done I was checking out the new Mazda RX-8 Shinka and the Mazda MX 5 Miata. I just cannot wait to get my hands on one of them. Krissy promised me once I get a job and pay off her student loans, I can get one, sure as if that will happen anytime soon. Click on the link to check them out at http://retailer.channelnet.com/sesimazda/sb.cn

Source: http://www.sesimotors.com/

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