Coming to America: Smart Cars

Due to resounding sale success in Canada, DaimlerChrysler plan on launching the gasoline version of the Smart Car in the US. This car will target the urbanite’s who consider themselves to be outside the main stream of car owners. DaimlerChrysler Inc. said high gas prices and the unexpected success of its two-seater Smart car in Canada convinced it the brand will sell in the U.S., too. A redesigned, second-generation version of the Smart that will meet U.S. emission rules will go on sale in a new dealer network in the first quarter of 2008, DaimlerChrysler president Dieter Zetsche said Wednesday. Its time big cities in the US started getting people to drive smaller cars. If you are an urbanite/student then this car is the solution to all those parking problem. Con, if you are late for work you cannot use the excuse anymore, that you could not find a parking spot for this car.

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9 thoughts on “Coming to America: Smart Cars

  1. aj gilbertson

    The Smart Cars are already available in the US from ZAP ZP (NYSE). A California based company who is also planning on brining a Brazilian made car to the US, the Obvio! 828, that is a hybrid that can run on any combination of ethanol and gas. Zap is also the only car company who is selling a Chinese manufactured car in the US the 100% electric Xebra city car.

  2. Jon Hamel - Las Vegas

    My expectations for the smart fortwo would be to keep the existing design and not “oversize” the car for the American Market. The eight foot length of the car should not be changed. A clear marketing advantage is to show the car as having clear advantage in parking flexibility. My feeling . . . is that the car would sell as is in the American Market. A small gas or diesel engine with a computer controlled automatic four to six speed transmission would fit the market. This combination would look very good against the typical hybrids that are marketed today.

  3. g2 Post author

    I totally agree with Jon, the Smart car should not be “oversized” to fit the American market. With the current trend gas prices may actually be touching the $3.50 mark by end of the year. Small compact smart cars are the way of the future. And as I found out first hand last week, parking the MINI in some of the tightest parking spaces is a breeze. G2

  4. Thermometer Guy

    My friend Lizzie Bean and I were in Canada skiing last winter and we saw several of them in a parking garage in VanCover. Really cool looking vehichles. I could see them catching on greatly…I actually was on the zapworld site to check them out. I would love to check one out.

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  6. Martini

    Guess whoever posted this doesn’t read the newspapers very often. The Smart Car is utterly failing in Canada as pointed out in many large newspapers such as the Hamilton Spectator – and Daimler Chrysler is pulling the plug on all but one model to try and save some money.

    On top of that, Canadian Diesel fuel is too dirty and diesel cars (save for one Mercedes model) will not pass federal emissions standards for 2007 and therefore no Smart Cars or TDi Volkswagens can be sold.

    With rising gas prices a gasoline fueled Smart car doesn’t make sense – we’re all waiting anxiously for an electric version, which is the only way buying a Smart Car would be a smart decision.

  7. Sue1anne

    With the rising cost of electricity here, a neighbor has an electric car that doesn’t help with costs much either. It’s practical for around town driving, but not commuting. There is no where for him to recharge before returning home from work. If recharging stations are ever installed it will be more practical.


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