Monthly Archives: July 2006

For 100k you can go sporty electric car

If you have a spare 100k hanging around and gathering dust in your bank account, and you want fully powered electric vehicle. Guess what you can buy one from Tesla. The Tesla Roadster has a range of 250 miles, says the company. The EV1, with the best nickel metal hydride batteries, could go about 150 miles under ideal conditions. A full charge of the EV1 could take eight hours. The Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries can be raised from the dead to a full charge in 3 1/2 hours and, unlike the EV1, the Tesla will come with its own portable charging pack so it won’t be range-tethered to its home charging station.

So when are we mere mortals ever going to be able to buy such a car, never. Great idea, just built for billionaires. Now all we need is for someone transfer this technology into the mainstream automobile industry. Big 3, look this one is on the house. Yeah, I know was it GM who tried this earlier in the 90’s.


Update: Are Hybrids worth it now?

The last three weeks have been crazy, especially since I got a job offer and started work three weeks ago, I have been swamped, but now that things are finally getting down to a routine (sort of), I was totally cut off from the rest of the world, gas prices are at $78 a barrel, people are bombing each other, Italy won the Football World Cup (not without controversy), what the hell happened in the last four weeks. So with gas currently retailing anywhere between 2.89-3.05 a gallon in Ypsilanti, MI, is it worth owning a hybrid now. We all know that the initial cost of hybrids are high but these cars give about 20 miles more than conventional vehicles and for every gallon of gas saved on a hybrid, that prevents 18 pounds of CO2 being emitted. But mileage alone isn’t enough to outweigh hybrids’ disadvantages for most drivers, said Philip Reed, consumer advice editor for, a consumer finance-oriented Web site. Looks like that Smart car option is looking better day by day.


Last week I was able to get a ride in a super-charged MINI Cooper, this animal was fully loaded. I just fell in love with that little beast. It had 214-hp engine/ 6 speed MT and costing between 18-20k depending on the type of trim. A bit pricey for such a small car, and I would have expected the fuel economy on this car to be really good but it gives about 25/32 city/hwy MPG.When compared to my Mazda3 AT which gives 28/35 city/hwy MPG. But then this little beast has more hp that my Mazda3, so who am I to say anything. Would I buy a MINI if I could, YES!! Imagine how easy parallel parking is with this car (I failed parallel parking), literally you can park this car anywhere. Now this is a small car with attitude.