For 100k you can go sporty electric car

If you have a spare 100k hanging around and gathering dust in your bank account, and you want fully powered electric vehicle. Guess what you can buy one from Tesla. The Tesla Roadster has a range of 250 miles, says the company. The EV1, with the best nickel metal hydride batteries, could go about 150 miles under ideal conditions. A full charge of the EV1 could take eight hours. The Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries can be raised from the dead to a full charge in 3 1/2 hours and, unlike the EV1, the Tesla will come with its own portable charging pack so it won’t be range-tethered to its home charging station.

So when are we mere mortals ever going to be able to buy such a car, never. Great idea, just built for billionaires. Now all we need is for someone transfer this technology into the mainstream automobile industry. Big 3, look this one is on the house. Yeah, I know was it GM who tried this earlier in the 90’s.


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