Can too many cooks spoil the broth…

GM has teamed up Chrysler & BMW, and have plans on taking on Toyota and its hybrid technology head on. Now we all know two brains are better than one, lets see what we get out of three. Imagine the amount of resources these guys will be pooling together, instead of competing with each other, these auto giants will be able to produce a hybrid car that can potentially beat the Pruis, albeit it may be a few years before we see a prototype, but imagine having a hybrid that has the power of a GM truck, sleek design of a BMW and looks like the Chrysler Crossfire. To catch Toyota, GM and its partners are adopting common specifications for a hybrid system built around a GM automatic transmission. They will use a single factory to build hybrid systems, a GM plant in Baltimore, achieving economies of scale none could realize on its own. The three-way alliance on gas/electric hybrids is a sign of the times as automakers search for partners as a way to save money globally on purchasing, product development and new technology.

Source: Hybrid Efort: Trio takes on Toyota

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