More support for the Ethanol Gimmick

So I was not the only one who thought that FFV are just another gimmick put up by the “Big3”. So gas price outside Ann Arbor is priced between $2.13-2.23, this does not mean that its going to stay like that forever. So these guys say oh, buy a FFV, be a patriot, buy American, save the economy. Do people forget we are a Capitalist democracy, when it comes to goods and services, Americans look for the best deals. It has nothing to with a patriotism. If Ford,GM and Chrysler build good fuel efficient cars, people will buy them. But, no these guys want to try and hoodwink the American buyer and call on they patriotism. If this article offends your patriotism, then you may have a problem, because patriotism has nothing to do with what kind of bloody car you own. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary Patriotism is defined as love or devotion to one’s country, yes, I support the USA, but I am not going to become a patriot by buying a car that gives lousy gas mileage. Check out how through a clever combination of marketing and gimmickry that would make P.T. Barnum blush, domestic automakers claim to be “green” while diverting attention away from the real issue: A federal tax loophole is creating an artificial market for ethanol, while stifling the development of new technologies by automakers that would put more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road.Read the article by William O’Keefe “Ethanol is a Gimmick and not an answer to high gas prices”.

Source: Mercury News

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