BMW launches hydrogen bi-fuel car

So BMW has gone where no other automaker has gone as yet. Last week in Berlin BMW had people from W.I.R.E.D magazine over to test drive the new BMW Hydrogen 7 bi-fuel car. It can switch between gas and H with the click of a button. Hydrogen cars are not just futuristic concepts that do not make it past the drawing board, BMW have actually taken a few more steps and produced about 100 or so hydrogen 7 cars. Now these guys plan on loaning these vehicles to high profile people such as politicians and celebrities (because you know these people are the leaders and trend makers/breakers and we the hoi poloi just cannot accept anything good, even if it is staring us straight in the face, we need to get approval from the Gods of the silver screen). I would prefer my prototype car be driven by people who commute to work everyday on the autobahn, a car expert, someone who knows the in’s and out’s of a car. I am not an expert, but I would prefer the cars are test driven by Jeremy Clarkson (for those who do not know who this guy is check out Top Gear on BBC)and not by Britney whatshername…!

Some issues with owning a hydrogen car, where in the world are we going to get compressed hydrogen from to runs these machines (not at your local gas station), what kind of mileage are we talking about, emission wise I believe this article states that this car is not a zero emissions car (water vapour and other pollutants like N2O and CO2, no emission levels where available). Lets see what happens next.


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