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Its about time I got around to updating my profile since Madhujit aka Mark inspired me to start blogging while I was sitting at home looking for a job. This domain was set up by Madhujit and since February 2005 I have been publishing on it. Blogging for greencar.us has actually help educate me when it comes to learning about cars. This domain was built primarily to inform amateur car enthusiast such as myself about fuel-efficient vehicles such as hybrids and the latest in hybrid technology, fuel-cells, clean burning diesel engines, FFV, etc. The fact that for the most part of my life I have always lived in large cities such as Calcutta, London & Montreal, hence I was a profound advocate of public/mass transportation. Since moving to Michigan, I have had to make some “minor” adjustments, such has having to buy a car when Krissy’s 91′ GMC Jimmy died on us. Even though we had it with us since 2001, when we moved to Montreal, QC. We only used it about once a week to do grocery runs or to Ikea, otherwise the metro and bus service was pretty reliable. Now we are the proud parents of a MAZDA 3i “zoom zoom”. From time to time I will update how our car has been performing too. Currently Krissy and I both drive this car and from next week I will ride into work with her everyday, since we both have jobs at UMICH.

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