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More Hybrids on the Horizon

By the time Krissy & I will be able to buy a hybrid, there may be close 30 more models out on the road. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Saab, Mazda, Volkswagon, Audi are just some of automakers who plan on developing and producing more hybrids, now will these hybrids actually make difference when it boils down to fuel efficiency versus cost, that is something to be seen. Not all of these way not be success stories, but atleast we get some variety from which to choose from at the end of the day. I got this information from The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers website. This is a trade association which includes the BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Toyota & Volkswagon.


Audi Q7 Hybrid
Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid
Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
Dodge Durango Hybrid
Ford Edge Hybrid
Ford Five Hundred Hybrid
Ford Fusion Hybrid
GMC Yukon Hybrid
Lexus LS600hL
Lincoln MKX Hybrid
Mazda Tribune Hybrid
Mercury Milan Hybrid
Mercury Montego Hybrid
Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
Saturn Vue Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid*

Hybrid Electric Ethanol

Ford Escape Hybrid E-85


Audi A8 TDI*
BMW (several models considered for U.S. market)
Chrysler Group (several models considered for North American market)
Mercedes-Benz ML CDI
Saab 9-5
Volkswagen Touareg V10


Trinity: Plug-in Super-Efficient Hybrid

Trinity,” a highly fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid vehicle, was unveiled by engineering students at the University of California, Davis. The vehicle is the team’s entry in the national Challenge X competition, sponsored by General Motors Corp. and the U.S. Department of Energy. Field trials for the competition will take place in Phoenix next month.

Based on simulated trials, these guys claim that “Trinity” which is a 2006 Chevy Equinox SUV which has been donated by GM, has been converted into a plug-in hybrid which can run off electricity stored in the batteries onboard (re-chargeable at home using domestic electricity) and it also uses gas or ethanol and can give 200 miles to the gallon.


Loremo 157 MPG update

Loremo AG says that it will start production of the 157 mpg diesel engine car in 2009. These guys already have a prototype, now on show in Kuala Lumpur. By the looks of it Malaysia may be one of the first places to actually see this car on its roads when it does roll out. Malaysia’s Kosmo Motor Company has taken a 26% stake in Loremo AG, the developers of the Loremo LS, a 1.5 l/100km (157 mpg US) diesel passenger car.

Issue with this car, well it weighs in at just about a 1000 lbs, hence interior space may be a an issue for the average American. The two-cylinder model may have some problems when it comes to accelerating, especially when one is merging on to a highway 0-60 mph (120 kmph) in about 20 seconds, in my opinion this questions the safety factor concerning highway driving. So will we see this car ever, I think Asia will this first, then Europe, North America I think not. But again I may be wrong and by 2009 we may have no other choice but to go on to a strict low carb diet just to get our fat behinds into such a nifty car.


Honda to make better and cheaper hybrids

Honda’s President & CEO Takeo Fukui has announced that by 2010 Honda will introduce low-cost hybrid and clean diesel vehicles in North America, hence reducing CO2 emissions. Honda confirmed that it is now developing a new dedicated hybrid vehicle “suitable for family use” in major automobile markets in the world. With this new dedicated hybrid vehicle, Honda believes it will offer a major cost reduction, enabling the company to offer the vehicle in 2009 at a price level lower than the Civic Hybrid.

Hopefully by doing this Krissy and I will be able to afford a hybrid by then. Fingers-crossed that by 2010 gas price is not $10 a gallon. Then we will have to resort to our alternative plan, bicycles.


Loremo LS scheduled for production in 2009

Mark had posted an article about the German super-efficient Loremo LS coupe that costs only EUR11,000 (approx. USD13,240) and featured a mind-blowing 157MPG mileage. Loremo AG has scheduled production to begin in 2009. Now the Loremo boast of being about two times cheaper and three times more fuel-efficient than the Toyota Prius. We will have to see it this hold true when Loremo AG puts rubber to the road in 3 years. Loremo AG plans on producing two models, the Loremo LS coupe with 2 cylinder/20HP turbo diesel engine, 0-60 MPH in 20 seconds, max speed 100MPH and the Loremo GT, with a 3-cylinder/50HP turbo diesel engine, 0-60MPH in 9 seconds, max. speed 137MPH. For more information on the specs. check out