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Mazda Miata Enthusiast

Now I can be a little obsessive about a new things, but this guy in his Mazda Miata takes the freakin cake. I love his dedication, really appreciate his insight and in general have been really inspired by his website. If you like Miatas, it is worth the time to check out Of special interest to me is his section on air intakes (I have decided to change my intake design due to this article, and others that I have read after I read his) and his praise of a Jackson Racing Supercharger. I really cannot afford the Supercharger right now but I am sure that I am going to get one.

A site dedicated to Mazda Accessories

I have to bookmark this for future reference. Parts I am interested in include the Venom 400 mod chip, the Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler (along with required connector pipe) and the High flow intake assembly. The intake uses a K&N filter and looks very much like the one from “That Crazy Italian” (or something of that sort.