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Street Glow 4500k headlights

This is a slight move away from the whole greencar thing, but I would like to talk about the Street Glow 4500k headlights. They are good. Simply put, they are BETTER than Sylvania Silverstars (though I have not data to judge longevity, I will soon) and they are a much better value.

 The Street Glow lights are brighter, bluer, cheaper and overall a much better purchase that the Sylvania Silverstar lights. I bought a pair for about $13 and I have been impressed with my purchase. I did have some problems with the original set since I purchase the “XS” variety (which are a different model, with different specs, brighter) and they burned the crap out of themselves. I replaced them with the 9006 that I really needed, went for a test drive and was blown away with the headlights. These are the bulbls to go with.  Overall, eBay seems to have better prices, so check there first. Please post a comment if you have any questions.

Monza Cat Back Exhaust System Mazda MX5 Miata 1990-1993

I finally purchased and installed the Pacesetter Monza Performance exhaust on my MIata and I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised at the purchase and the value. The body of the catback is a sleek black with very nicely welded seams and the metal looks like it will last for longer than a couple of years (though not as long as a Stainless Steel muffler would).

It goes together relatively well and is quite easy to put on the car. The only problem I had was with the U clamp that came with the catback was too small and I needed a new one.

As for the sound, I like thr growl. The old (OEM) muffler was already loud from rust, but this muffler has a low throat on low revs and screams on high revs. I was suprised at the increased throatiness of the engine on addition of the catback and performance was definitely increased, more so than any other performance enhancement on my car. I would definitely suggest this catback.

As for the price, the quality of the product and the final outcome, I would have to say that this is a good purchase for about $170 and a weekend in the garage.

Mazda Miata Enthusiast

Now I can be a little obsessive about a new things, but this guy in his Mazda Miata takes the freakin cake. I love his dedication, really appreciate his insight and in general have been really inspired by his website. If you like Miatas, it is worth the time to check out Of special interest to me is his section on air intakes (I have decided to change my intake design due to this article, and others that I have read after I read his) and his praise of a Jackson Racing Supercharger. I really cannot afford the Supercharger right now but I am sure that I am going to get one.

A site dedicated to Mazda Accessories

I have to bookmark this for future reference. Parts I am interested in include the Venom 400 mod chip, the Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler (along with required connector pipe) and the High flow intake assembly. The intake uses a K&N filter and looks very much like the one from “That Crazy Italian” (or something of that sort.


Mangnaflow Performance Exhaust for 1990 Mazda Miata

Doesn’t that look dreamy? I am looking to buy a high performance (and loud exhaust) for the Miata and the Magnaflow Catback exhausts seem to receive the most accolades. There are other, more expensive systems out there for much more money, but this looks very nice. I also have my eyes on a couple of Monza and OBX racing headers and stainless steel catbacks, but thats for another post. Till then, revel in this mandrel bend, resonator tipped beaut!

Dimensions = 4x9x18″ P-SS Muffler, 4x4x14″ P-SS Resonator, 2.25″ SS Tubing, 4″ Slash/P-SS Tips, Rear Exit. All MagnaFlow Miata Systems feature fast-flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, a straight-through stainless steel MagnaFlow Performance Muffler and a polished stainless steel rear exit tip. You’ll love the smooth, deep, throaty tone, and the extra torque and horsepower will make towing a pleasure. This system has the MagnaFlow performance muffler best suited to the needs of the vehicle. Included are all the system’s hardware, gaskets, and flanges for installation.